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Get a Quote

Every freelancer does their own thing differently. 

So to make it as easy as possible, I’ve listed below an overview of what workflow to expect for each service I provide and how to receive a quote for your project.

Colour Grading

  1. Send me an email to arrange an in-person or video call meeting about your project details
  2. If your picture-lock has been finalised, you’ll need to provide a HD copy for viewing
  3. Shortly after viewing, you will receive a quote along with any other relevant details
  4. Following an agreement of the quote, I will ask you to provide the digital assets on a HDD – Click for Details
  5. When I receive the HDD’s, you will be asked to provide a 30% deposit unless otherwise discussed
  6. Once the deposit payment has been received, we can start grading! 
  7. Upon completion of the final grade, it will be uploaded to Dropbox or Vimeo
  8. If approved, you must confirm in writing, at which point the final invoice will be issued
  9. After the agreed quote has been paid in full, you’ll receive your HDD with the graded clips attached to an XML and a full-resolution grade export

Camera Operation

  1. Send me an email including your shoot details:
    • Date 
    • Duration 
    • Location
  2. If you require supplied equipment, please clarify specific details of what you need:
    • Camera
      • Brand/Model
      • Resolution
      • Bit-Depth
      • High-Speed Frame Rates*
      • Additional Support (Gimbal, Steadicam etc.)
    • Lenses 
    • Lighting 

Please refer to my CV for my personal equipment details (Pg. 2)

3. Following the above, I will reply back with confirmation of my availability as well as a quote for the shoot